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Coachman Explorer Spirit Mattress and Bedding

The beauty of the Coachman Explorer Spirit is its lay out. It is constructed is such a fashion that it allows the user to have a wonderful, relaxing camping trip with no complications. It is a great trailor to be outdoors with your family, friends and pets. Our clients who own the Coachman Spirit are aware of the bed situation in these RV’s and how it needs explicit design for the cut corners to allow the door space. makes custom mattresses, toppers and bedding for these unique situations. We make our mattresses, toppers and bedding custom to match the exact size and shape of your bed. specializes in latex mattresses and toppers. Latex is considered a strong material that allows you to have a mattress or topper that will be 100 percent mold and mildew resistant. It is very comfortable, highly flexible and adjusts your body heat for a great nights sleep. We offer a number of different mattresses for every budget. Our deluxe is our 9-inch Latex mattress. It is made with a 6-inch Latex medium core and then we add our 2-inch all soft latex pillow top. The finished product is covered in our bamboo quilting.A popular option for RV mattresses is a hinge. Hinging allows you to access storage under the bed or if you would like to fold the mattress for storage purposes. We can add hinge to your mattresses at no extra cost. For custom bedding, carries a great selection of house fabrics. We also use Sunbrella fabrics, which have great qualities such as being fade resistant and more stain resistant than upholstery weight fabrics. Give us a call and we can guide you on which Sunbrella fabrics would work best for your RV. also offers custom Sferra Linens, which is a beautiful line of Italian Linens that many customers use at home. Sferra sheets, blankets and towels all can be viewed under our Sferra Linens section on our website. Give us a call to inquire about our services and our team will be pleased to guide you through to create your own personalized space.

Posted on: October 26, 2019