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Custom Coach Mattresses and Bedding

Newell Coach, founded by L.K.Newell , a name well-known for excellent craftsmanship and astonishing quality and design for about 50 years. Newell Coach industry is one of the top leading brands when it comes to luxury motorhomes. Along with their top-quality construction, engineering and design, this family owned company believes their success is based on their focus to provide the best to their customers and are always thriving towards that goal. As one family business to another, we are excited to offer all our Newell Coach clients out there, custom mattresses and bedding that will truly be a match for their premium style and comfort. specialize in making everything custom according the particular size and shape of your RV bed. We have many options when it comes to mattresses and bedding. With years of research, we have proved that Latex is one of the most comfortable materials out there when it comes to mattresses as compared to basic foam.  Latex being extremely comfortable, breathable, bendable, does not absorb smell, regulates body heat and most important very healthy as it is 100 percent mold and mildew resistant and will far outlast a basic foam bed. Our most luxurious Latex mattress is our 9” pillow top mattress. Do you wish you could lug your pillow top mattress from home down to your RV?  Then our 9″ pillow top is for you.  Close your eyes and you’ll swear you’re in the bed of a 5-star hotel.  We turn the dial to 11 by constructing your mattress with a super comfy 6” (medium) Latex core. We then add 2” of ultra-soft latex Pillow Top and cover it in the plushest of bamboo quilting. The result is one amazingly comfortable and plush mattress. Also, very popular, especially in situations where headroom can be an issue, is our 7inch pillow top. We’ve taken our best-selling 9″ Pillow Top Mattress and have given it a sleek 7” profile that will accommodate almost any stateroom while giving you the comfort of a 9”. Each mattress we make is custom crafted in California and built choosing the best material to with stand the rigors of any environment. offer variety of bedding options. Custom quilted coverlets you can find in our beautiful house fabrics and also in our luxurious Sunbrella Collection. Our Sferra Sheets including Sferra Celeste, Sferra Analisa. Our clients are thrilled when they learn that they can have the same Sferra they use at home for their RV beds too. Our Sferra Grande Hotel Collection is styled after those that grace the beds of some of the finest hotels in the world.  This ever-popular percale is embroidered with tailored double-rows of satin stitch with many colors to choose from. This style duvet cover is best suited for square to rectangle beds to show off the beautiful embroidery.  Our Sferra Throw Blankets are quite popular for their crisp and effortless charm. One of my personal favorites is Sferra Favo. This pique matelassé bears a lovely honeycomb pattern and is woven to a subtle soft hand with a wonderful drape. Given its versatility, it is perfect for both a polished and casual look. Visit our website and check out our entire collection and feel free to contact us with any inquiries you have and our design team will be more than happy to assist you with your choices and help you design your dream bed.

Posted on: August 25, 2019