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Custom Mattress and Bedding Entegra RV was created to bring you comfort while on the road. We have been in the marine industry for years and realized that many of our clients were also RV’ers. Upon further research, we also realized that the quality of mattresses and bedding that came stock on RVs and luxury Coaches was far from comfortable. Whether you use your coach for transportation to a specific destination or you spend countless nights on it exploring, we want you to be comfortable, and that starts with bedding. We manufacture mattresses, toppers and bedding for your RV beds that can be 100 percent customized. We can use any material you desire but we specialize in using Latex. We suggest latex to our customers because it is mold and mildew resistant, very comfortable and regulates body heat very well. Our most popular mattresses are featured on our website for your convenience such as our 7-inch and 9-inch latex mattresses. Our 7-inch mattress is made with a 6-inch Latex core and then finished up in an ultra-soft bamboo quilting. It can be ordered as Soft, Medium Firm or Firm. The 9-inch, on the other hand, is most suitable if you like to sleep on a plush mattress. We start with a 6-inch latex base and then add 2-inch of super soft latex pillow top and enclose in our bamboo quilting. The finished mattress is one of a kind. We also have an option of pillow-top on our 7-inch mattress. Aside from that, other upgrades would be you can have any of our mattresses made in Memory foam, add memory foam pillow-top, add hinges or cut corners. is all about offering a custom touch to your beds and offering you the satisfaction you have been looking for.
Our bedding selection is extensive. We offer everything from our house collection of Red Land Ctton sheets and custom quilted coverlets to Matouk and Sferra Linens made custom for your bed. Our Redland Cotton sheets are grown, milled and sewn in the US, which we are very proud of. Whether you love the clean look of a quilted coverlet or a plush duvet, we have something for everyone.

Posted on: November 19, 2019