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Custom Mattress Forest River Berkshire 39A

We received a distress call from a customer that said he needed a new mattress ASAP for his Forest River 39A and that he had finally had it with his stock mattress. Our client claimed that he could feel the springs and that his mattress did not provide support. I explained that specializes in latex mattresses. Not only are latex mattresses extremely comfortable, supportive and sleep cool, they are also mold and mildew resistant, which is a fantastic properly for an RV. The client is thrilled with his new mattress and wished he had purchased sooner. There are many options for custom RV mattresses. does not claim to be the cheapest. We are proud to offer a home quality mattress that will last for years. Since we make everything custom, each mattress can be made to our clients specific needs and specifications. Hinging a mattress for storage underneath, or to accommodate a slide is a common practice and is offered at no additional charge.
The ForestRiver Berkshire 39A is a beautiful RV with a large array of amenities. From the spacious living area, to the swivel seats, fire place and roomy kitchen, the Berkshire is luxury. Adding a custom mattress or bedding will greatly increase your comfort while on the road. You should sleep as well as you do at home and a comfortable mattress is a very important factor in a restful nights sleep. Whether you choose our economical Hybrid mattress or our top of the line 9″ pillow top, you’ll be happy with your investment and difference in sleep. Give us a call to see how we can help add comfort to your nights on the road!

Posted on: January 12, 2020