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camping in rv during fall

Fall Camping Tips for your RV Trip

The hot weather may be coming to an end but nature is just revving up for its most beautiful season. Folks with RVs know that simply looking out the window isn’t enough, you have to be in the action; driving, camping and traveling. This fall, make the most of your RV trip and check out a few tips from some of the top RV sources in the country.

Pick your parking

There’s a lot of options for the RV traveler. From simply parking at an open destination to parks and campsites that offer water, electric, and sewer hookups, the country is your parking lot (only much prettier), says Depending on what your preference is, there’s a place for your RV. If you’re inclined to a more rustic experience, where you might be near a national park or a more scenic location, an RV campground is a good choice. It may not have amenities like hookups or public restrooms, and it may not be level (which could get complicated for a larger motorhome) but the view is definitely included. If you’re looking for a solid, paved, and hookup-included spot, an RV park or RV resort might be your best bet. These locations usually have on-site facilities, hookups, and even get as fancy as tennis courts and car-washing stations. Check beforehand what amenities each place has to be sure what to expect before arriving, says Campspot.

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Plan Ahead

Each state has their own beautiful destinations to visit, but many of them require some sort of planning. Checking out specific RV campground websites or calling directly to reserve a spot ahead of time is the surest way to ensure the autumn view from the comfort of your RV this season, says Harvest Hosts.  Planning ahead also means timing your trip for the optimal offerings of the season. Some destinations, such as the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee, have foliage at different times depending on the elevation, says the article. If you want to check out high elevation fall leaves, plan your visit for mid-September. If you’re visiting the middle or lower elevations, you’re good to go from mid-October through early November. You can chart your autumn expedition with this fall foliage prediction map from


Follow a “Schedule”

There is no schedule when you’re traveling via RV, and that’s the beauty of it. Wake up, go to sleep, eat, shower, and hike whenever you feel like it. However, one traveler has a suggested routine you may want to consider.

When visiting national parks, says USA Today, wake up early, before the sun, and drink some coffee while waiting for the sunrise. Pay special attention to the abundance of wildlife (and the lack of human life) surrounding you and take it in slowly. Take a nap afterwards, says the article, and wake up to enjoy the RV life of no restrictions. It’s the sort of schedule to remind you there is no schedule. (Taking a nap on an uncomfortable mattress won’t do you any favors! Try a custom hand-crafted mattress from

Whether you’re new to RV life or a veteran traveler, adventure this fall awaits. Plan ahead and even chart your course, but take your time and enjoy the magnificent upcoming season. There’s no better place to be than right in the middle of it.


Posted on: September 30, 2022