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Gulf Stream RV Hinge Mattress

Gulf Stream Tour Master Custom Mattress

We were contacted by a client looking to upgrade their stock mattress on their Gulf Stream Tour Master.  The stock mattress was a hinged innerspring mattress.  After visiting our factory showroom in Huntington Beach, and trying out the different models we offer, our clients chose an 8″ Latex mattress with Nu Memory Foam Pillowtop.  This is a very popular mattress that offers the support of latex and the unique feel of memory foam for the pillow top.

Many customers ask about the difference in feel between Latex and Nu Memory Foam.  Latex is rubber based and as a result has a bouncy and springy feel, while soft it pushes back against you providing a supportive yet soft feel.  When you get up off of the bed the latex bounces back quickly.   Our Nu Memory Foam is slow recovery just like traditional memory foam.  Nu Memory foam breaks away from you, conforming to your body, giving you that sinking/hugging feel that memory foam is famous for.  Both materials in our testing do an excellent job in reducing pressure points on the body, but which material is better is completely subjective and a matter of personal preference.   

We often hinge mattresses to accommodate a slide.  The Gulf Stream Tour Master had a slide as well as an adjustable bed, so the hinge served a dual purpose.  We also used industrial velcro  at the bottom of the mattress to keep the mattress from moving on the platform.  The customers were thrilled with the outcome of their new mattress!  When purchasing a new mattress, be sure to get a custom mattress pad cover.  It will protect the mattress as well as extend the life of the mattress.

Aside from making custom mattresses, we offer all custom bedding to fit your new mattress.  Custom fit bedding not only looks great, but also makes the process of making the bed easier and provides a better nights sleep since you have a perfect fit.  From our custom Red Land Cotton sheet sets to a custom made quilted coverlet, we have everything to outfit your RV.

Give us a call to help out with your RV mattress.  We can make any size or shape!

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Posted on: March 24, 2020