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How To Live Your Best Camper Life: Organization and Beauty

So you took the big leap into everlasting outdoor adventure: you bought an RV!

You’re probably loving the freedom, autonomy, and opportunity to linger in beautiful places. In exchange, you might’ve noticed some domestic sacrifices: mainly, space and comfort.

Though worth it, you can alleviate these sacrifices. The key? Get organized!

Next time you’re at home (or something like home), revamp your camper lay-out with simple daily routine in mind.

Wake Up

Want a recipe for a good day? Design the space to support your morning routine: coffee or tea, breakfast, and hygiene/beauty basics.

For starters, don’t wake up with a stubbed toe. String lights from your pillow to the bathroom and kitchen. They brighten both visibility and mood.

Keep the paths in your RV clear. To do this, embrace two words: vertical space.

Install racks to hang utensils and free up limited kitchen counters. Cookware hanging in your face also makes it easy to find when you’re groggy.

Bolt shelves and hooks to the walls in key locations to store everyday staples: rice, cooking oil, bowls, plates… For the bathroom, you might peruse estate sales for a medicine cabinet to keep toiletries neat and tucked away.

Separate Work and Play

If you live in your RV full-time, chances are you also work there. The tight space might challenge your work-life balance more than usual working-from-home.

how to organize your RV


To counter this, create boundaries around your work space. Section off your “office” with colorful curtains or an attractive screen – out of sight, out of mind after hours.

Build a desk or bench to store all of your work accoutrements, especially unsightly wifi receptors. Paint it a fun color – why not? When you finish the work day – say, recording an episode for your RV podcast – throw your mic and laptop inside. Then enjoy the uncluttered surface to spread out crafts, oil your hiking boots, or simply chill with a cup of tea.

Sweet Sleep

Wilderness nights are much darker than city nights. Keep necessities in reach with a bedside cubby: flashlights, melatonin, full water bottle, and pepper spray (a legitimate consideration for solo female travelers or anyone in bear country).

Most folks don’t want to wake up to someone peeping in their window, so invest in a set of black-out shades. Choose shades with patterns and colors that you like on the interior to avoid a depressing cave effect. Peace out your sleeping quarters even more with low-light plants, like pothos or dracaena. You can hang them in pots with rope to create a pretty canopy.

And don’t let that vertical space go to waste! Store blankets and clothes under your bed in clear plastic tubs. Label them to avoid future lost-and-found frustrations. Feeling really handy? Build drawers that slide under your bed.

Now, the fundamental question: what are you sleeping on? You’re already in a camper, not a tent. Why not glamp a little? Camper bed platforms can support a real mattress – one that’s as comfortable and supportive as a mattress at home.

custom rv mattress

If you’re stumped on how to economize space, consider a customized sleep set-up that’s made to fit your camper. Check out our website to feed your camper nesting urges. We understand the unique needs of the wandering life, and we design bedding to support your space, spine, and beauty sleep. After all, you need to be well-rested to experience all the wonders out there.


Posted on: February 28, 2021