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Innovation in Motorhomes: Coaches that will amaze you!

The word “motorhome” brings about some pretty vivid images. For some people, the classic Airstream or Winnebago brings back blissful memories of family camping trips. But for others, motorhomes really don’t hold the same levels of nostalgia.

The truth is, modern motorhomes and RVs bare just a passing resemblance to their older counterparts. The motorhomes of today can be packed to the brim with high-tech bells and whistles without losing any of the comforts of home, or a 5-star hotel.

Motorhomes are really just the next frontier of innovation, and people are jumping at the chance to own their very own. In fact, motorhome ownership is up over 60% over the past two decades. And motorhome owners aren’t just one age group or demographic. The youngest demographic, 18 to 34 years old, is growing significantly.

Motorhomes aren’t just for one type of person anymore. The best news? The newest motorhomes really do offer just about anything you can imagine.

Motorhomes, at least the modern ones, aren’t meant to just be a step above a camping tent. Oh no, modern motorhomes are meant to give you every possible modern amenity while away from home. These high-tech RVs give you everything you need and more.

Airstream Nest

The Airstream Nest is a very modern take on the iconic Airstream RV. Gone is the long and bulky exterior, the Nest is a sleek and durable redesign of the original Airstream. Everything from the exterior shell to the laminate flooring inside is designed to marry modern style with durability and comfort.

The interior of the Nest doesn’t disappoint either. It’s wired with Bluetooth-controlled elements, including LED lighting, and tons of USB ports to make sure your devices are always fully charged. The best feature might just be the ability to go off-grid. The little Nest is fully wired for solar panels to allow you the chance to truly get away.

Nest by Airstream

Nest by Airstream

Winnebago Horizon

Winnebago is one of the most popular RV companies in the country. In recent years, however, the classic standbys of Winnebago have been pushed aside for modern designs and amenities.

Winnebago is known for its classic swirl patterns. Their standard exterior designs have always sported these swirls but not anymore. Winnebago has opted for understated and modern designs. Not just on the outside, but the interior has made significant improvements too. Rather than traditional wallpaper, the Winnebago Horizon has vinyl laminates for design and functionality.

When it comes to technological amenities, the Horizon doesn’t disappoint either. Horizon owners can boost LED tube lighting and electric fireplaces. You can be outdoors without missing those bright lights and warm evenings.

The Cool and Compact

Motorhomes don’t have to be big and expansive. Some of the most sought-after RVs of today are smaller and more compact. The smaller spaces don’t mean travelers are missing out on anything. These spaces still pack a punch.


The Mehrzeller might just be the most innovative modern motorhome on the market. The concept first appeared in 2010, but there are rumors it’s coming to a road near you soon. It’s biggest claim to fame? Complete customization.

This multicellular RV is decked out from bumper to bumper with modern elements of comfort and style. It’s still in the development stages so some of the specifics are a little vague, but what is available is quite an experience.

Safari Condo RVs and Travel Trailers

Safari Condo is another RV company focused most on teardrop campers. Their biggest seller currently is their Alto model. Not only is it lightweight and compact, but it also features elements like electric, retractable roofs.

It’s also incredibly sustainable and eco-friendly. Most aspects of its design – both inside and out have the environment (and your wallet) in mind. It’s truly a step into the future.

The Droplet

For campers looking for a good night’s sleep, the Droplet might be just the ticket. This compact trailer can be pulled by even the smallest car, but it isn’t lacking. While it has enough room to fit a queen mattress, it still boosts a covered cooking space, LED touch lights, 110V outlets, USB chargers, and a sunroof.

Small doesn’t mean less. The newest and most exciting motorhomes are some of the smallest, but people really aren’t upset. Modern motorhomes are comfortable, all-inclusive, and innovative. It’s the year of the motorhome and people are excited about it.

A Custom-Fit Mattress for Any Coach

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Posted on: August 5, 2022