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RV Checklist: 6 Things You Need to Do Before Your Summer Trip

If you own an RV/Fifth Wheel, you may be ready to take the show on the road this summer. The memories you’ll make will be unforgettable—as long as you remember to maintain your RV.

Ideally, you’ll start going through your road trip checklist three to six months before launching so that you aren’t rushing to get everything in order (and potentially forgetting an essential component).

The following six checks will help you avoid costly road repairs:

1.  Check Your Roof

The roof might be an easy thing to forget, but UV and water can deteriorate the sealant coating as time passes. However, with regular attention and care, you can keep your RV roof in tip-top shape.

A new RV roof can cost thousands of dollars, but resealing the roof can be less costly and just as effective. First, check your roof for any damage, or have an expert go over it. Look for cracks, broken seals, or deteriorating sealant.


Perform all the needed inspections before you hit the road for your summer trip

2.  Are Your Tires Low?

As with any vehicle, it’s a good idea to inspect your tires and spare tires before going on a long journey. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that tire blowouts cause more than 11,000 accidents annually and over 200 deaths.

Check for wear and tear along the sidewalls and tread, especially with older tires. Also, check for tire pressure, as tires can lose air while in storage.

3.  Have an Expert Take a Look

It’s never a bad idea to have a mechanic thoroughly check your RV for your safety—you might even consider a certified NRVIA inspector.

Your RV should be inspected annually, specifically the brakes, axles, fluids, filters, differentials, lights, hoses, belts, hydraulics, battery, and more.


4.  Inspect Your RV Hitch and Tow

You may not realize it, but your hitch and tow can corrode and wear out over time. Therefore, it’s essential that you inspect your fifth-wheel trailer kingpin and parts. In addition, you may need to lubricate the hitch to prevent a stuck hitch.

5.  Fire-Proof Your Ride

Just like in your own home, you should check your fire security systems, including your carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm, LP detector, PL Gas Leak Detector, and fire extinguishers. If you are towing, keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible compartment.

6.  Invest in a Good Night’s Sleep

Now that you’ve ensured that your RV/fifth wheel is road-ready don’t forget your own well-being. A long summer trip can quickly become a nightmare if you’re tossing and turning all night.

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With a bit of planning and foresight, it’s entirely possible to have a smooth and pleasant summer journey.

Bon voyage!

Posted on: June 16, 2021