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Spring Checklist for a Safe, Fun, and Comfortable RV Road Trip

RV travel has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, especially among millennials and their families. An RV trip can create memories that will last a lifetime for travelers of any age. Before you get your RV all decked out for a Spring Break trip, here are a few ideas to get you rolling safely and in style.


Before your big adventure, there are a few considerations you wouldn’t typically have to consider for other modes of transportation. Make sure all of your luggage and items are secured and put away and that your cabinets can stay latched. While securing your luggage, be sure to also balance the cargo. Sadly, many RV accidents occur because of improper weight distribution.

While your RV is likely not your main mode of transport, it’s still just as important to do routine maintenance like oil changes, checking the engine, and measuring the tire pressure. Replace your tires at least every 10 years. To make all of these items easier to remember, consider making or buying a reusable RV safety checklist where you can go through and check off each maintenance item.


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As your family prepares to explore the great unknown, it’s time to get that RV sparkling. No one wants their kids to be able to trace the words “wash me” in the grime of the RV’s body. The first step to a clean RV is washing the exterior. The first item to clean is the body, which might be made of metal, painted metal (like a car), or fiberglass. Only use cleaners that work with your RV’s body type. Other items to clean include tires, rims, gaskets, awnings, and of course, the roof. Be sure to find out if your RV’s roof is walkable before attempting to step on it. This information should be in the owner’s manual.


You can bring all of the devices and tablets in the world, but how will you know if you’re going to have wifi? Lucky for you, other campers review campsites on Campendium, so that’s an easy place to find out. If you’re going camping with little ones at a site that doesn’t have wifi, you may want to download a few favorite movies or TV shows ahead of time.

Or perhaps you’d like to unplug completely! For evening entertainment, bring a few board games. The simpler, the better! Think a checkers board, or a travel version of Trouble or Sorry. Another option is simple arts and crafts. Consider bringing knitting materials or markers and a pad of paper.


Weather can change drastically as you move across the country, and a place that is warm during the day can be freezing at night. Be sure to pack lots of layers and plenty of blankets. Similarly, a portable fan is a good idea if you’re traveling somewhere warm.

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Posted on: April 1, 2022