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fifth wheel camper

What to Look For When Buying a Fifth-Wheel Trailer

Are you in the market for a 5th-wheel trailer? If so, you’ve probably noticed plenty of options, making it difficult to determine the right choice. With so many variations, knowing what to look for when purchasing helps you narrow down the right fifth-wheel trailer. Keep reading to see tips on what to look for while searching for the right fifth

How To Live Your Best Camper Life: Organization and Beauty

So you took the big leap into everlasting outdoor adventure: you bought an RV!

You’re probably loving the freedom, autonomy, and opportunity to linger in beautiful places. In exchange, you might’ve noticed some domestic sacrifices: mainly, space and comfort.

Though worth it, you can alleviate these sacrifices. The key? Get organized!

Next time you’re at home (or something like home),

Custom Mattress for a Winnebago View

Showcasing boundless freedom combined with upscale comfort, the Winnebago View® is designed to create memories that last lifetimes. With luxurious details and features throughout, the View’s industry-leading amenities promise an unparalleled Class C experience. And with the new, dependable diesel-powered Sprinter chassis, you can stay in control, even off-grid.  Doesn’t everyone want to be off the grid sleeping in comfort…I

Custom Mattress Forest River Berkshire 39A

We received a distress call from a customer that said he needed a new mattress ASAP for his Forest River 39A and that he had finally had it with his stock mattress. Our client claimed that he could feel the springs and that his mattress did not provide support. I explained that CoachBedding.com specializes in latex mattresses. Not only are

Custom Airstream Mattress

Enjoying a quality time with your family and friends on your luxurious RV can be adventurous and pleasure but for sure requires a comfortable and restful bed along with all other amenities. RV beds come in many sizes and shapes and can be a challenge when it comes to mattresses and bedding. Coachbedding.com is your one stop shop for a

Custom Mattress and Bedding Entegra RV

CoachBedding.com was created to bring you comfort while on the road. We have been in the marine industry for years and realized that many of our clients were also RV’ers. Upon further research, we also realized that the quality of mattresses and bedding that came stock on RVs and luxury Coaches was far from comfortable. Whether you use your coach

Fleetwood Bounder Custom Mattress and Bedding

Fleetwood Bounder RV has a classic, shiny exterior and very modern and updated interior. It is indeed a great investment to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. It is equipped with latest amenities and the rooms are spacious with an open layout. This classic coach deserves same attention when it comes to the beds and mattresses. Coachbedding.com 

Winnebago Navion Custom Mattress & Bedding

Winnebago Navion RV’s can be best described as a powerful and stylish coach. It is a great luxury way to enjoy your road trips with no sacrifices. At Coachbedding.com, we specialize in making your RV beds as comfortable as can be. We make everything custom to fit the size and shape of your particular bed. Similar to other RV’s,

Thor Four Winds Bedding and Mattress

Four Winds by Thor Coach is a great way to bring together family and friends. It is a stylish, modern style coach where every road trip can become a memorable one. As we are all aware, the mattresses and beds in RV’s are often odd shaped, with the corner cut off or requiring a hinge to stow away while on

Thor Quantum Mattress and Bedding

According to reviews, Thor Quantum is all about great service for an affordable price. Top quality décor, stainless steel appliances and beautiful finishes make this RV one of the leading competitors. The interior is also very roomy and spacious. Outstanding exterior and well-equipped interior sounds great but we all know that how important it is to have a comfortable bed


Forest River RV Mattress and Bedding

Forest River, a name well known in building recreational vehicles, has lately become a leading competitor in RV manufacturing in North America. They are known for their great quality and high level of customer care when it comes to their vehicles. We are excited to let all Forest River Georgetown RV owners know that we have you covered if you

Thor Hurricane Custom Mattress and Bedding

Hurricane by Thor motor coach is a good buy. Solid exterior and very spacious and comfortable interior. It is indeed a great investment to spent time with family and friends while you are on the road. At Coachbedding.com, we specialize in making your RV beds comfortable and beautiful so you enjoy your nights as much as your days and

Custom RV Mattresses and Bedding

In the 1920’s, RV’s were well established in United States having camping clubs all over, then house trailers and finally mobile homes. 1950’s was the time when RV manufacturers started building self-contained motorhomes. Well, today the first name that comes to mind as we talk about RVs is the luxurious Zephyr by Tiffin, well-known for quite some time for their